Student Stories 


IanSweeney2Ian Sweeney.  Ian graduated with a BA (Hons) Theology degree in 2016 

I am so pleased that I experienced WLA and Springdale college. The friends and support I encountered during my time at WLA has been invaluable. WLA provided a close network of support which enabled me to enjoy my studies at Springdale college. The learning I received at Springdale college was a hugely enjoyable and developed my understanding of theology in ways I had not previously considered. Overall, I am grateful for for the time I spent at WLA and Springdale college and I feel equipped to following God's calling on my life. 

RachelRachel Foster.  Rachel graduated in 2016 with a BA (Hons) Degree

During my time with WLA and Formission College, I learnt so much about how to be missionally minded when working in hard community cultures. At the University, God changed the career I had in mind during the 3 years and instead of working in a church full time, I now work for British Transport Police full time!  Although this is very different to what I had imagined, I have the opportunity to serve and protect the most vunerable people on a daily basis, as well as bringing a positive influence into difficult situations


Grahame Todd.  Hands On & First Year BA (Hons) Student in 2019.
My life has taken a dramatic turn around since getting involved with the WLA. First, I was involved in the Hands-On course, then felt that I was being called to attend Formission College to study for the BA (Hons) degree in Theology, Mission and Ministry.   I was reminded of the cost of following Jesus when in taking this path I enrolled for the course, gave my notice into my workplace and put my house up for sale in the same day, before having my interview and being accepted on the course within the week. When God has a plan, he doesn’t delay!  The study has been amazing and challenging but the camaraderie with my fellow students has been invaluable and I have built lots of close relationships already.

Karen Sprouse.  Hands-On & First Year BA (Hons) Student in 2019.
The WLA's Hands-On course has been the perfect stepping stone for me on to a three year BA (Hons) degree course in Theology, Mission and Ministry.  Having just completed year one of the BA course, I can see how the 
two Hands-On years have helped me to source good study materials, expand my knowledge and understanding and, most helpfully, to write an essay that shows understanding and learning.  It has been amazing to discover an aptitude and ability that I previously did not know I had and believe God can use in the future.

Beth Lunn.  Hands-On Student, Graduated in 2018
Hands On means a lot to me, because it was developed at a time in my life that I knew I needed to get serious about studying the Bible to help, but I was busy with work and so could only commit to a programme once a month. So the Hands On team were able to give me what I needed to progress in my learning journey, which has also informed my worship. Hands On helps me express truths I learn about God with coherence everywhere I go. I will always be thankful for the team investing their time and resources in me, I know I’ve grown close to God and understood more about the story of the Bible because of the sessions.