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Disce ut Servias (Latin: "Learn in order to serve"). The WLA is committed to fully support you in the next step of practically working out a calling to Theology and Mission.


The WLA is the culmination of God drawing together professionals from many areas of Ministry, Education and Industry in order to equip His people for works of Service.

It has taken a number of years for this to be fully realised and with many hours of hard work from numerous organisations, we recognise the immense privilege of delivering such fine material.


With so many materials being delivered online now, the WLA has a core staff that manages a much larger online network. This is backed up by the individual course facilities such as Moodle, an online Personal Development Plan (PDP) and other features to track your learning progress.

You are literally getting the best we can offer with the support from 3 learning centres.


As a student on any of our courses the WLA offers full online support via our own network, giving access to many extra materials.
You will be expected to complete a PDP as part of your learning. This is fully supported and a key part of your development.
Our motto is 'Putting Feet on it...', this means we want you to complete placement training as part of your studies, there is no better way to learn.
The WLA is committed to offering additional short courses and master classes with visits from current speakers and industry leaders.
The application process with the WLA is all about making sure you are on the correct course with right support. We care about you.

Courses / R&D

With 3 completely different courses available your equipping can start out with Porterbrook Learning, raise to the challenge of PFSPlus or read for a BA(Hons) Degree.


BA (Hons) Theology and Mission

The Programmes are provided by Springdale College and validated by York St John University. This means that if you successfully complete all parts of a Programme you will receive the York St John University qualification of BA (Hons) Theology & Mission and may if you wish attend the appropriate York St John University graduation ceremony. You will receive the exit qualification of the programme you enrolled for.



With the support of the FIEC, the long established Prepared for Service course is moving to Coventry in 2014. It is a two year part-time programme of training which provides teaching, pastoral care and practical experience for individuals with the support of their local church. The 'plus' part includes some new additions coming to the course in 2014. For more details please click a button below, or fill out the simple Apply / Enquire form and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • Current Provision

    The current PfSPlus course has been running out of Coventry since September 2014 and is looking forwards to another year of exciting, informative and challenging teaching. We have our new website dedicated to this course (http://www.pfsplus.org.uk/) please visit it for full details and how to apply.

    NOTE: Places will be limited to around 50 for 2015/16, so apply early to avoid disappointment.
  • Academic offer for 2015

    PfSPlus now offers a CertHE Level 4 certificate option if you want to gain academic credits. These credits can also act as an APL if you were looking at full degrees either with the WLA or other Bible Colleges around the UK.

    For Feb 2015 intake only, we have managed to negotitate a special offer read more...
  • Moved to Coventry

    PfSPlus moved from Reading to Coventry at the start of the academic term during Sept 2014, have a look at the dedicated website http://www.pfsplus.org.uk/ for full course details plus any special offers.

WLA Porterbrook

Porterbrook Learning helps ordinary Christians learn how to serve Jesus and his people better — whether they are church leaders, church planters, or simply Christians wanting to become more mission-focused. The Porterbrook Learning material is flexible and has been designed to be integrated with your whole Christian life in whatever context you are serving. It’s not theology for theology’s sake: the Porterbrook Learning material is written by practitioners for practitioners.

  • Coventry Learning Site

    September 2013 saw the first students taking part in Porterbrook Learning at Coventry. This regional Porterbrook location allows students register, get materials and attend four conference days a year. Students from all over the region gathered for an introduction day which will be followed by 3 conference days, one for each of the three terms (Christmas, spring and summer) to learn together, share work and hear from keynote speakers applying the gospel to everyday life. Attendance at a learning site allows you to engage with other churches and ministry contexts and allows us to deliver new materials to you hot off the press.
  • Study Groups

    When you have signed up to a Learning Site you will be organised into local Study Groups to learn together, discuss, and share ideas along the way between conference days. Study groups can be small groups or home groups in your local church, or staff teams or just a group of friends who want to study together. Study Groups can be made up of students studying on other courses who want to do Porterbrook Learning to supplement their learning.

    Study Groups can run however you like. You can meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A Study Group could be as informal as a reading group in a pub or could be run as a formal class. The aim is to encourage learning together in your context. The group will then attend the Learning Site conference days with other Study Groups, collect the new term’s materials and share assignments. Attending and forming a Study Group allows you the local flexibility to shape learning as you would like or build the course into your current programs and structures, and it allows the network to create better curriculum and find ways of serving you locally.
  • Online Student Area

    The Online Student Area is accessible to all Porterbrook students who are connected with a Study Group or a Learning Site.

    A Community of Missional Thinkers
    Connect with other Porterbrook students from around the world. Discuss the material and share resources to encourage and provoke you to live missionally. Continue conversations that you began with others from your Learning Site or Study Group, and engage with others working out the gospel in different contexts.

    Discussions & Messaging
    Discuss Porterbrook Learning materials to learn and exchange ideas on the four streams: Character, Bible & Doctrine, Church and World.

    Resource Sharing
    Share helpful files and upload assignments for feedback. The Online Student Area has an open source policy toward exchanging files so everything that is made available is free for you to use. Exchange resources from others around the world and in a variety of contexts.

WLA Research & Development

The WLAcademy has access to some great thinkers. Taking time to think, to research and then develop draws upon the broad skill base we have within the Academy. Please see more info below about a current project, and register your interest with any of the projects via our contact link.

  • Church Mapping

    Aim: To identify communities in Coventry that lack a Gospel Witness
    1. To Map the 2011 Census responses on Religion
    2. To identify and map locations where fellowships of Christians (Churches) meet
    3. To collect postcodes of people attending these Churches (Churchgoers)
    4. To map where Churchgoers live, aggregated by postcode
    5. To identify the character and location of communities in Coventry where no Churchgoers live
    6. To encourage Churchgoers to evaluate their Gospel Witness to their own community
    7. To encourage the development of a Coventry Gospel Network

Our Team

With a team of over 30 lecturers, a huge online community and ton of resources, come meet some of our team...

Rev Keith Foster

Academic Programme Director

Pastor of Bethel Church in Coventry and Formation Director.

Darren Bovis-Coulter

Technical & Media Director

Overseer of IT and
Media Provision / Developments.

Rev. Dr. Andrew Hardy

Academic Advisor

Programme Leader for the
BA (Hons) Mission and WLA.

Chris Page

Network Coordinator

From the small groups to the individual, all are fully supported.

Relevant Downloads

This area is still being populated with new course information for 2013/2014, please check back regularly for updates and some great free resources.

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